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Southeastern Europe Hydro

Developing the second largest pumped storage reversible hydropower plant in SE Europe

Project Details

Developing the second largest pumped storage reversible hydropower power plant in Southeastern Europe, a 600 MW environmentally friendly, carbon-free, baseload renewable energy project on the Drina River Basin in the Republic of Srpska

Socio Economic Highlights
Intrinsic Value

Sound project economics is established by the high value of the hydropower plants Power Purchase Agreement with European Union Members, paid in Euros, the low project cost of the value-engineered embankment dam, and the longer-term investment profile based on the design lifespan of 100 years

Increased Economic Stability

Locally, the Project provides increased employment, tourism, state revenues, improved living standards and poverty reduction. Nationally, it provides regional energy stabilization, GDP growth, favorable foreign exchange balance, monetary stability and influx of foreign capital

Government Support

The Project is fully supported by the Republic of Srpska, its Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining and the State Utility. All clearances, licenses, permits, land, and documentation necessary have the full backing of all government related agencies for expeditious implementation of the project

Enhanced Economic Growth

The hydropower plant and the appurtenant infrastructure facilities will create favorable conditions for the development of economic activities, while accelerating economic growth and contributing a positive effect on the country’s national economic status and GDP

Renewable and Eco-friendly

Hydropower’s high quality regulated electric power is eco-friendly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, provides flood control and fish and wildlife habitat and protects the environment

Strategic Regional Importance

Strategic plant of regional importance, given its capability to produce significant quantities of clean energy providing energy security to the Balkans while delivering electricity to the expanding SE European markets