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Asia Renewable Portfolio

Acquiring one of Asia’s first private sector renewable energy companies

Project Details

Acquisition of one of Asia’s first private sector renewable energy companies a strategic acquisition with legacy fully operational wind, solar and hydro plants to meet the demand for powering remote areas generating renewable energy to power remote areas where grid supply is intermittent or unavailable

Socio Economic Highlight
Energy Mix
The mix of NPG’s full array of renewable resources enables energy access to the un-electrified/ under-electrified rural masses through centralized and decentralized clean energy power
Intrinsic Value
Driven by the objective of creating sustainable longterm value, 93% of installed capacity has lucrative longterm PPA’s which will provide reliable affordable energy for economic growth
Strategic Edge
With in-house design and implementation capabilities, the company’s strategic edge is in having designed and implemented nearly all of its power plants making the portfolio well poised for expansion
Management Expertise
With over two decades of extensive experience in developing green energy projects in both public and private sector, the company’s team of proven capabilities aligns with NGP’s growth strategy and goals
Geographical Focus

Projects are strategically located in geographical areas with untapped development potential for further expansion

Socially Responsible
The company has developed several high school and industrial training institutes in rural areas that provides modern education and income generation programs