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New Generation Power wins FAA and DOE approval to build commercial airport-based solar power farm in the U.S.

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Rockford Solar Partners, a renewable energy development joint venture between Wanxiang America and New Generation Power, receives DOE and FAA environmental approval to proceed on America’s commercial airport solar farm.

In a release, New Generation Power noted details of the airport solar project:

Why the Chicago-Rockford International Airport for such as large 20 MW solar array? The airport has over 70 prime acres to install the solar panels, and Rockford is well known for its other green practices and incentives.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Energy issued the FONSI “Finding of No Significant Impact” for the 20 MW Solar Farm at the Rockford Airport.

The Environmental Assessment was prepared by Jennifer Anderson of Rockford based Anderson Environmental and Engineering Co. with civil engineering done by Kevin Lewis of IG Consulting.